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How to develop a discipleship culture in your church

This conference would be for church leaders

RDM provides training workshops for churches who desire to develop a discipleship culture where disciple-makers and leaders are grown and released to bear fruit.

Topics in the workshop include:

Workshops involve interactive discussion, small group breakouts, video and power point visuals, personal and church assessments, one-on-one coaching, and the RDM book store & resources.

Workshops can be conducted on:

For additional information, Email us or Submit a interest survey below and we will be in touch. We would love to work with you in developing a discipleship culture in your church that is making disciples and bearing fruit!

Discipleship Leaders Training Workshop

This conference would be for small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, ministry leaders, staff, etc

In this workshop, we will train your leaders/disciplers in how to use the relational discipleship series to disciple a small group or someone one-on-one.

At the conclusion of the training, your leaders will know how to successfully disciple a small group over a 36 week period, turning disciples into disciple-makers.

Some of the insights they will learn are:

Please complete the survey and submit it to us if you have some interest in holding a Discipleship Leaders Training Workshop in your church or ministry.