The Matthew Discipleship Plan

Welcome to the Matthew Discipleship Plan. The MDP can be used when discipling a believer one-on-one or in small group. The plan has four levels (levels 1-3 are available now) with each level consisting of ten weekly lessons taken from the book of Matthew. Weekly assignments consist of scripture memorization, bible reading, and praying with others. These are essential components of discipleship and I would strongly encourage the discipler to require the participant to be accountable for the weekly assignments.

Why the book of Matthew? I have used many different discipleship formats over the years with each author inserting lesson topics that he or she thought was vital for discipleship. The lessons presented in the Matthew Discipleship Plan are the Word of God and came forth out of the mouth of the Jesus Himself. These are not topics that I think are important for the disciple to know, but discourses that Jesus believed His disciples should hear, understand, and apply to their lives.

Secondly, the book of Matthew cites the Old Testament more than any other Gospel. Matthew regularly presents Jesus as the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 5:17). In the book of Matthew, Jesus is presented as a teacher greater than Moses. From the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7:27) to the Mount of Olives (Matthew 23-25:46), Jesus’ teachings can be arranged in five major blocks, echoing the five books of the Law (Genesis-Deuteronomy). Jesus is recasting the Law as the new Moses.

Undoubtedly, Matthew wanted the Jewish people to understand how the New Covenant fulfilled the Old Covenant. He wanted them to see how Jesus, the Son of God, is the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets from beginning with his birth through his resurrection. I too think it is essential that we as disciples understand the person of Jesus; read, study, and memorize His words, and have a strong foundational revelation of His cross and resurrection.

Thank you so much for committing yourself to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. Again, prayerfully make the decision to do the lessons, memorize the scriptures, and to make yourself accountable to your discipler. Your life will be forever changed and you will look back someday without regret that you made the choice to become a disciple of Christ.  – Randy L Ballard

The Matthew Discipleship Plan

Part I – The Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:1-7 – 7:27

Moses gives the Law (Exodus 24:3-8) vs The Law according to Jesus

Part II – Instructions for the Sending of the Twelve, Matthew 10:1-42

Moses appoints 70 elders (Numbers 11:16-30; Deuteronomy 31:9-13) vs Jesus sends out His Disciples for Ministry 

Part III – The Parables of the Kingdom, Matthew 13:1-52

Moses gives laws for living in the promise land (Deut. 12-26) vs Instructions for Living in the Kingdom

Part IV – Teachings on Humility and Forgiveness, Matthew 18:1-35

Moses gives laws for living with others (Exodus 21-23:9; Lev. 18-20; Deut. 19:1-25:19) vs. Jesus Instructions in Relationships with Others [Part IV is not available at this time.]

Lesson Contents

Part 1 – The Sermon on the Mount

Moses gives the Law (Exodus 24:3-8) vs. The Fulfilled Law of Jesus (Matthew 5:17)


Lesson 1  – Your Attitudes, Matthew 5:1-11

Lesson 2  – Your Influence, Matthew 5:13-20

Lesson 3  – Your Personal Relationships: Anger, Matthew 5:21-26

Lesson 4  – Your Personal Relationships: Marital Faithfulness and Swearing, Matthew 5:27-37

Lesson 5  – Your Personal Relationships: Love, Matthew 5:38-48

Lesson 6  – Your Personal Worship, Matthew 6:1-34

Lesson 7  – Your Judgments vs. Spiritual Discernment, Matthew 7:1-11

Lesson 8  – Your Tests of Character (Part I), Matthew 7:12-14

Lesson 9  – Your Tests of Character (Part II), Matthew 7:15-23

Lesson 10 – Your Tests of Character (Part III), Matthew 7:24-27

Part 2 – Jesus’ Instructions for Discipleship

Moses appoints 70 elders (Numbers 11:16-30; Deuteronomy 31:9-13) vs Jesus sends out His Disciples for Ministry (Matthew 9:35-10:42)


Lesson 1 – Your Authority in Christ, Matthew 9:35-38

Lesson 2 – Principles of Evangelism, Part One, Matthew 10:5-10

Lesson 3 – Principles of Evangelism, Part Two, Matthew 10:11-15

Lesson 4 – Responding to Persecution, Matthew 10:16-20

Lesson 5 – Standing Your Ground, Matthew 10:21-26

Lesson 6 – Trusting in the Father’s Care, Matthew 10:27-31

Lesson 7 – The Cost of Discipleship, Matthew 10:32-39

Lesson 8 – The Reward of Discipleship, Matthew 10:40-42

Part III – The Parables of the Kingdom, Matthew 13:1-52

Moses gives laws for living in the promise land (Deut. 12-26) vs Instructions for Living in the Kingdom


Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Parable (or Mysteries) of the Kingdom
Lesson 2 – The Sower – Matthew 13:1-23
Lesson 3 – The Wheat and Weeds – Matthew 13:24-26
Lesson 4 – The Mustard Seed – Matthew 13:31-32
Lesson 5 – The Leaven – Matthew 13:33
Lesson 6 – The Hidden Treasure – Matthew 13:44
Lesson 7 – The Merchant and the Pearl of Great Price – Matthew 13:45-46
Lesson 8 – The Parable of the Net – Matthew 13:47-50
Lesson 9 – The Responsibilities of a Disciple – Matthew 13:51-52

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