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The BIG Question: How can we effectively disciple Generation Z? Part One


  1. WOW.
    Great question!
    The answer is a very tough one for those of us (50+) years old. We must first take a long hard introspective journey into our spiritual relationship/walk with the Lord. Peeling away the layers that do not look like Jesus.
    This is where Encounter Retreats and follow-up Discipleship/mentoring, like Pastor Ballard has done with myself and countless others, pays spiritual dividends.

    Generation Z is seeking, genuine relationships, understanding, inclusivity, acceptance, a desire to be heard and feel they have a purpose to help the down-trodden outcasts in the world.
    They will not for a moment listen and receive from those whom are very prone toward exclusivity.
    We truly must follow Jesus’ examples in every way possible.
    Why did he go through Samaria?!
    His ministry was ALL INCLUSIVE.
    The religious leaders of his day could not understand his ways, and even asked why he associated with the undesirables and sinners.
    We must truly become more like Jesus daily.
    We have to become very comfortable around those in “The Marketplace”.
    Our lights must shine in the darkness, therefore we must be around the darkness to impact it.
    Are we truly…..”HIS CHURCH”?

    Could easily write a book on this topic.
    Looking forward to reading others’ input.

    Your time spent with me and my wife has sprung forward and reached countless others for the Kingdom.
    Love you Pastor!!

    • Love it Dave! Good stuff! You made some great points! We love you & Missy! Thx for your comments!

  2. Amen . Thank you for sharing. Fear and anxiety is up so we need to be senstive and reach them with the peace and truth of God being absolute and with His people

  3. Most of the gen z in our church take an active role in the church it’s amazing to watch we had a young man in our church just went off to bible college preached an amazing sermon on when vipers attack him and his brother are amazing men of GOD and it’s because their parents took the time to teach them about JESUS, you know once the seed has been planted it just needs watering and it will grow I believe I believe in the youth of our church and thank GOD for the dedication and love they show HIM.

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