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“The 2020 Billboard” Dream and “The Wind of the Spirit” Vision

This was my FACEBOOK post describing a dream that I had a few days prior to posting the following:

September 25, 2019

I usually don’t share these kind of things with the public but the Holy Spirit has prompted me to do so this morning. Part of the reason is if I share this publicly it will put pressure on me to carry this project through. I am guilty of spreading myself to thin as it relates to plans and projects, especially writing projects.

However, in regards to this one, I really need the Holy Spirit to lead me, speak to me, and feed me. I am totally reliant on Him in the months ahead if His coming should tarry that long.

So this is where I am.

The Lord often speaks to me early in the morning before I get up. It’s in this time span where I see visions and dream dreams that I know are from Him. So when I wake up, it’s pretty fresh in my mind, and I often pray and meditate on it. Well, a few days ago, I seen in billboard-like big bold black numbers – 2020. I kept seeing it in a dream. Then I awoke and kept seeing it in a vision. I could not get it out of my mind. After about ten minutes of wrestling with this picture in my mind, the Lord directed me to get up and begin to write some things down on a piece of paper.
I wrote about five different bullet points as the Spirit led me. That’s where I am at this point as I continue to seek the Lord in prayer and fasting.
The other part of the reason I share this is because I believe God is showing me that a great shift is about ready to take place on earth. I don’t know what all that means, but I think a lot of God’s people can bear witness with it. I believe it very well could culminate sometime in 2020. I am not trying to tease anyone or scare anyone. I am not saying it’s the rapture. I don’t know what it is. But you and I need to be prepared. GOD IS IN CHARGE! HE IS IN CONTROL! HE WILL CONTINUE TO BE WITH HIS PEOPLE!

– Randy

“The Wind of the Spirit” Vision
I received this vision from the Lord in November of 2019

I believe the Lord was showing me the things that are beginning to happen now in the spiritual realm and what is still to come before Jesus comes back for his church.

A few months ago, I was all alone sitting in the sanctuary of a little country church about a mile from my house. I like to go there to pray and on this particular day I heard a voice in my spirit (which I believe was from the Lord – “His sheep know His voice”) say to me, “Listen to the wind outside blowing up against the outer wall of the church building. “ After a long pause, I heard his voice speak again, “Now look out of the window and see the effects of the wind.”

As I turned my head slowly to my right, I could see through a nearby window a tree, full of branches, loaded down with autumn leaves reacting to the gusts of wind. The limbs were bending and shaking fiercely, causing the ripened leaves to be pulled off its limbs and carried away by the forceful power of the wind.

The still small voice then recalled to my mind a few months earlier when my wife and I were sitting at Ormond Beach, Florida. We had taken a few days off before attending a conference in Orlando seeking a little R & R. It was the perfect beach day…partly sunny, 85 degrees, with a strong wind coming in off the ocean waters. I remember how refreshing it felt leaning back in the beach chair, closing my eyes, and feeling the ocean wind gently pounding against my face. But even more calming to my spirit was the roaring vibration sounds of the waves colliding up against the shore. I remember immediately thinking about the thunderous power of God, “Mightier than the violent raging of the seas, mightier than the breakers on the shore—the LORD above is mightier than these!” (Psalm 93:4 says)

For the next hour there on the beach that day, I was more content than anytime I can remember in my life. Just sitting still, feeling the wind at my face, and hearing the thunderous sounds of the ocean waves. Everything else, all of life’s concerns, plans, thoughts, all that was going around me seemed a galaxy away. I remember everything feeling so pleasing and peaceful at first, but as time passed, I felt invigorated and energized as well.

Once again, the voice of the Lord spoke to me as if I were being awakened from a wonderful dream. But it wasn’t a dream. The Lord was taking me back to a time and a place reminding me of the glory I experienced in feeling and hearing the sound of the winds of earth that He creates and controls.

He then said to me, “Notice, here in the church you can only see and hear the natural wind. And if it wasn’t for the window, you could only hear the sound. Many of my people of your day are content with only hearing about the wind of My Spirit without experiencing My Spirit. Some hear and even see from a distance, but are satisfied. But I have willed and I have declared in my Word that in your day…”

“I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions. In those days I will pour out my Spirit even on servants—men and women alike.”

Joel 2:28,29

God continued to say, “I am sending a wind of the Spirit in the last days that not only will you hear and not only will you see, but will be with you, in you, and flow through you. It is sent to bring my glory to a people who have been set apart. This wind of the Spirit renews, refreshes, reenergizes, and sustains my people through the darkness that is increasing upon the earth until I come and rescue them. This latter-day wind of the Spirit is being poured out from heaven. It cannot be restrained. There are no words to explain the difference it will make when people yield their lives to me. It is a life-changing, powerful blast of wind!”

After hearing that, I felt full and ready to leave the little church building. I thought I heard all I my spirit could contain. I was excited with what God had allowed me to see and anxious to share it with others as He directed. But before I could leave, the Lord stopped me with a simple question, “Why can’t you feel the wind today like you did on the ocean beach?” Without hesitation, I responded,
“The wall of course, Lord. The wall is the only obstacle standing in the way.” He replied, “Why don’t you go outside the building? There you can not only hear and see, but feel and experience the wind. Outside there are no walls to keep the wind from penetrating.”

At that point, the Lord began to show me that the wind of the Spirit is moving today more freely outside the church than inside many churches. Why? “The walls” God says, “are preventing my Spirit from moving upon and through many of my people in your land.” He went on to say, “My people are satisfied just to hear it. It sounds strong, powerful and comforting to their ears and their hearts. But the wind of my Spirit is not allowed to blow through my church.”

God says, “My glory, my power, my presence cannot be contained. It cannot be directed. It cannot be controlled by man. I am closing old church buildings down today in your cities because my Spirit is no longer there. The bones are dead and dried up. There is no life. But where my Spirit is there is life.”

God says to His people today, “Seek me and you will find me, but I will not be found in your institutions, in your programs, in your buildings. My wind of the Spirit moves where and when it wishes. When my Spirit blows through the church, my people will be made holy through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is my Spirit of truth that makes my people holy. I am a holy God and will only inhabit a holy people. Then my people they will see signs and wonders follow them as they go out into the marketplace, into the streets, and in their houses.”

The voice of the Lord continued, “If you will seek me, if you will hunger after me with all your heart, and invite me, I will send the mighty wind of my Spirit and He will blow through and destroy to pieces your walls of unforgiveness, ungratefulness, division, bondages, religious spirits, offenses, general curses, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, witchcraft, oppression of the enemy, and a spirit of control by leaders as well as that Jezebel spirit is warring against many of my servants. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, not control. When He blows through you will experience the fullness of my goodness, my glory, my beauty, my peace, my joy, and my power.”


A Holy People

A Free People

A Whole People

An Empowered People

A Glorious People

The Bride of Christ: adorned, ready for the Lord!

My purpose in making this public is to encourage the body of Christ that I believe a fresh wind of the Spirit of God is about to blow upon and through His church possibly one last time. Be expecting, anticipating, and hungry. “It is a life-changing, powerful blast of wind!”

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