Relational Discipleship Series (English)


Relational Discipleship is a thirty-six week coaching plan for small group or one-on-one discipleship in the local church.


RDS Volume One Includes:

Level One – Know:

  1. Understanding your Decision to follow Christ
  2. Understanding Water Baptism
  3. Understanding why you need the Cross of Christ
  4. Understanding what God is like, Part 1
  5. Understanding what God is like, Part 2
  6. Understanding the Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  7. Understanding how we got our Bible

Level Two – Grow:

  1. Godliness through Disciple
  2. Spending Time in God’s Word
  3. Brokenness
  4. Conquering Worry through Daily Prayer
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Guarding against Compromise
  7. Spiritual Warfare

Level Three – Believe

  1. The Doctrine of the Divine Inspiration
  2. The Doctrine of the Trinity
  3. The Doctrine of Jesus Christ
  4. The Doctrine of Salvation
  5. The Doctrines of Sanctification and Holiness
  6. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  7. Sacraments and Ordinances
  8. The Doctrine of Eschatology (End Times) & the Doctrine of Eternity for Man

Level Four – Serve

  1. God’s Vision for your Life
  2. My Commitment to my Church
  3. Spiritual Gifts, Part 1
  4. Spiritual Gifts, Part 2
  5. My Giving
  6. Praise and Worship
  7. The Call to Live Holy

Level Five – Go

  1. The Value of a Soul
  2. Becoming a Witness of Jesus
  3. Praying in the Harvest
  4. Understanding the Power of Prayer and Fasting
  5. The Quality Disciple, Part 1
  6. The Quality Disciple, Part 2
  7. Ten Steps in Making a Disciple