A Critical Time Out

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“… another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the Lord or remember the mighty things he had done for Israel.”
(Judges 2:10, NLT.)

Is this happening in America with today’s youth? Are they the first generation in our country’s history not to know who the God of the Bible is and the great things He has done? Could we as God’s church be losing the war for the next generation?

Pastor Randy Ballard calls A Critical Time Out to take a cautious but hopeful glimpse into how God is moving in and through today’s young generation. He sees God raising up young people today with exceptional and nontraditional platforms to reach untold scores of people with the Gospel’s message. Brett Honeycut of Sports Spectrum magazine says, “In today’s world, their impact could be on the level of Billy Graham’s…”

Is this possible in a world overflowing with critics and naysayers? Yes, indeed – if we, their parents, teachers, pastors, and other adults in their lives encourage them with confidence, optimism, and a commitment to the kind of faith and devotion now required by God.

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