The Relational Discipleship Story eBook


The Relational Discipleship Story is as its name indicates – a story of organic spiritual life that creates growth in others.   This material is result of growth which God has achieved in the author.  It has been birthed, not just duplicated.  This story relates the pain and passion of a Pastor desperate to discover how new converts could be retained and developed into New Testament disciples.
The Relational Discipleship Story is a continuation of the story of the Bible.  It is more than a program or a curriculum.  It is a source of life and a strategy of spiritual growth.  It has been said that; “A disciple is not a disciple until he or she is a maker of disciples that also make disciples…” Randy Ballard is a disciple. 
Christian leaders will identify with Randy’s journey as they read the story.  Everyone will find the information practical and ready to be implemented.  Every person will discover purpose and be blessed as they join the Relational Discipleship journey! – contributed by Terry Harris, Lead Pastor, The Crossing Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee


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