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“Be A Infinite Player” Discussion Questions: As Christian leaders, which game are you playing? Finite or infinite? Explain or give reasons why you believe you are playing by finite rules, infinite rules, or
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Being Intentional About Our Discipleship Journey

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Nondiscipleship Article : The Elephant in the Church” written by Randy Ballard

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Why People Don't Make Disciples

This is Discipleship

Why is Discipleship Important

The Relational Discipleship Series

Relational Discipleship is a thirty-six week coaching plan for small group or one-on-one discipleship in the local church.

Relational Discipleship is Designed for:

New Believers.

Those who rededicated their lives to Christ.

Those who are hungry to grow and want to be disciples of Christ.

Those who are mature believers and want to know how to disciple others.

The Relational Discipleship Series for Kids

The Relational Discipleship Series (RDS) for KIDS is a twelve-week discipleship series designed for children, grades 1-6. The three levels: Know, Grow, and Believe, feature Christian Bible lessons, activities, and tasks that will help provide children with a Biblical foundation to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. children with a Biblical foundation to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Matthew Discipleship Path

Welcome to the Matthew Discipleship Path. The MDP can be used when discipling a believer one-on-one or as a study in a small group. The MDP contains a series of five books. There are five lessons in each book with fill-in-the-blank answers and discussion questions. MDP Book 1 covers the first chapter of the Sermon on the Mount.

Undoubtedly, Matthew wanted the Jewish people to understand how the New Covenant fulfilled the Old Covenant. He wanted his readers to see how Jesus, the Son of God, is the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets from beginning with his birth through his resurrection. It is essential for us too as modern-day disciples to understand the person of Jesus Christ from His birth, to the cross, and beyond the power of His resurrection.

Declaration of Faith

The Declaration of Faith Discipleship Course is excellent for a church membership class, a Wednesday night adult study, a Sunday School elective on Church of God doctrine, or a small group discipleship study.

The book features ten lessons covering all fourteen Declaration of Faith articles; leader books and fill-in-the-blank student lesson books; lesson memory verses and accountability log sheets; and discussion questions that will engage everyone in the group to participate.

Discipler's Handbook

The Discipler’s Handbook is an effective tool to help a Christian lead a lost person to Christ and begin discipling them immediately. Every Christian needs to be ready to make disciples. The Discipler’s Handbook will equip you to explain the plan of salvation, lead them in a sinner’s prayer, and begin discipling them immediately.

Praying God's Words

Your prayer life is about ready to get a refreshing makeover. Jesus said, “the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life” (John 6:63). When you pray God’s words you pray spirit and life. Praying God’s Words contains instructional articles to help you understand how and why we as believers are to pray God’s word from the scriptures. Following the articles, you will find selected Psalms that you can pray daily making your prayers more God-centered and less self-centered.

Before I started praying God’s words from the scriptures, I found myself praying the same old things using the same old words. Now I pray new things, using new words. I pray for people and situations that I wouldn’t think of on my own. My prayers are fresh, and not so redundant. My prayer is that you will experience the same as you pray God’s words using this book as your guide. Order Praying God’s Words today and start your own daily prayer revolution. – Randy

​Free Declaration of Faith Discipleship Course Discipler/Leader Book

Weekly Lesson Topics

Contains the Following: