Translate RDS into Urdu, Pakistan's national language

The Church of God Bishop of Pakistan has ask if they can translate the RDS into Urdu, Pakistan’s national language. The Overseer along with the Educational Director of Pakistan is making plans when the funds for the translation are raised to print books there and distribute them into all 250 churches. They have also expressed a desire to make their relationship with RDM a long and prosperous one asking us to come to Pakistan to train and encourage church leaders. Presently, many Muslims in Pakistan are turning to Christ. Pakistan is the sixth largest nation in population. Please pray with us that funds can be raised to begin work on the translation. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A GIFT TO TRANSLATE THE RDS INTO URDU, PLEASE CLICK ON THE BOX BELOW. A gift in any amount would be much appreciated and the blessing that you and your church would receive knowing you are providing for Pakistan believers to be saved and discipled will be immeasurable! Thank you for prayerfully considering providing a gift. – Randy

Help us translate the RDS into the Pakistan language of Urdu.
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