A Tool to Help Children Grow and Establish a solid foundation in their Relationship with Jesus Christ.
Weekly Lesson Topics

  1. You Must Be Born Again
  2. Making a Choice to Follow Jesus
  3. You Belong to Jesus
  4. The Word of God Makes You Strong

Weekly Lesson Topics

  1. You Are Special
  2. The Power of the Cross
  3. Forgiveness
  4. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  5. The Purpose of Water Baptism

Weekly Lesson Topics

  1. Reviewing the RDS for KIDS
  2. The Importance of Daily Prayer
  3. The Importance of God’s Word

“As I meet with children’s pastors and kidmin leaders, one of their greatest desires is for discipleship materials for children. Thank you Pastor Randy Ballard for preparing this curriculum to help build young disciples. If we reach them as a child, we won’t have to rescue them later! Everything should be about discipleship!”
Tony P. Lane
International Coordinator of Children’s Ministry
Church of God International Department of Youth and Discipleship
“One area of critical need within the church is a comprehensive process for both introducing children to Jesus Christ (evangelism) and helping them grow toward maturity in their relationship with Christ (discipleship). Randy Ballard’s Relational Discipleship Series for Kids is a valuable resource to address this area of need. We highly recommend RDS for KIDS.”
Rob and Candie Taylor
Director of Ohio Youth & Discipleship Ministries
“I have served in Children’s Ministry for over 47 years working as a Children’s Pastor for 40 years. I highly recommend Randy Ballard’s Relational Discipleship Series for Children.”
Debbie Jett
Kings Point Church of God, Maineville, Ohio
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RDS for Kids Bundes Include:
Small Bundle – 1 leader’s book and 10 student books
Medium Bundle – 2 leaders books and 25 student books
Large Bundle – 4 leaders books and 40 student books