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Prayer Partnership

Annette and I cannot express to you in words how much this ministry means to us. We view it as what will determine whether RDM succeeds or fails in the days ahead. It goes without saying, YOUR MINISTRY COVERING AND JOINING US IN PRAYER AND IN TIMES OF FASTING IS VITAL! We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to partner with us in such an awesome task – to create a movement in the discipling of the nations for Jesus Christ (Psalm 2:8). As a RDM Prayer Partner, we will be sharing confidential, intimate needs with you from time to time. My only response I am asking from you is to go to the Lord with it in prayer and at times fasting. If you will be faithful to do that, I sincerely believe God is going to do perform miraculous feats and open doors that “no man can shut.”

Annette and I love and appreciate you so much. If you can be a financial partner that is great, but if you can only serve as a RDM prayer partner we consider ourselves most blessed and favored of God that you would partner with us in fulfilling this great vision God has bestowed upon us in the short time that we have before Jesus comes.

Thank you so much! Please complete the registration information and let’s get started.