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Has “Missional” Replaced “DiscipleMaking?

Author – Mike Breen It’s time we start being brutally honest about the missional movement that has emerged in the last 10-15 years: Chances are better than not it’s going to fail. That may [...]

What Is Discipleship and How Is It Done?

Interview by John Piper Well, to the inbox. Many questions have come in this month about discipleship. What is discipleship? What is the aim of discipleship? And how is it done typically? To [...]

What Christians Get Wrong About Discipleship

By Ann Swindell To those of us who follow Jesus, discipleship should be a central aspect of our faith. This is because Jesus commanded His followers—in what is commonly referred to as “The Great [...]

The Culture of Kings Point Series: The Culture of Discipleship

A message taken from “The Culture of Kings Point Series: The Culture of Discipleship” Pastor Randy Ballard 1/24/16 Text Matthew 28:19,20 Introduction: Last week we introduced the 2016 [...]

Six Ways To Motivate Your Church for Serious Discipleship

Most resources on making disciples assume you have believers who are ready and waiting for discipling. If only this were true, it would make our task much easier. Leaders must consider the [...]

Six Leadership Obstacles to Team Success: 6 Obstacles to Courageous Accountability

By Lee Ellis The plane had drifted off course by 200 miles, but the pilot didn’t know how it got there! He started out with the proper heading and course, and began the journey confident that he [...]

How We Forgot the Holiness of God

He may not be cruel and capricious. But don’t pretend he isn’t dangerous. A couple years ago, I visited Israel with a group of Christian journalists. We bobbed in the Dead Sea, ate [...]


-J. Lee Grady Reclaiming the process of discipleship will require a total overhaul of how we do church. I get funny looks from some charismatic Christians when I tell them I believe God is [...]

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