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It is the vision of RD Ministries to be the PULSE OF A MOVEMENT OF DISCIPLESHIP IN THE CHURCH that is transgenerational, interdenominational, and scripturally sound. We believe that discipleship is about relationships where believers are accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ, a discipler/leader, and to one another. It is our purpose and passion to see the body of Christ be a people who know the Word of God and the God of the Word.

RD Ministries Goes Into Latin America

We were invited on Sunday, July 17, to meet with Dr. David Rameriz, the Church of God Superintendent of South America, and the Church of God Latin America Overseers at the Marriott in downtown Nashville. Relational Discipleship Level One books were presented to the Overseers along with one thousand books purchased and donated by the Kings Point Church of God. In the past three years, three thousand churches have been planted throughout South America with many new coverts in these churches. The RD Level One books will be distributed throughout new church plants to disciple new believers. Special thanks to Noel Rodriguez for translating the RD books into Spanish.

What a great General Assembly! Annette and myself, along with Josh and Krista Burgess made so many new friends from all over the world. Our Relational Discipleship family is expanding rapidly helping the nations  make disciples of Jesus Christ. We met Church of God ministers and laity from the Eastern and Western Caribbeans; South, West, and Central Africa; the Philippines, Middle Eastern countries, India, Cuba, Haiti, Eastern and Central Europe, Latin America, and so many from Canada as well all of our American brothers and sisters.


I want to thank you personally for purchasing our discipleship books, giving us your email information, or just the opportunity to meet you and talk discipleship. Many of you looked through our discipleship resources telling us that this is what you have been looking for expressing plans to purchase books heading into the fall. We are excited about what we heard from you about the RDM resources and we look forward to serving you. From time to time, I will be sending you email updates highlighting new items along with special discounts. If you have any problems downloading or ordering our books, please send us a email or give me a call personally and we will get you the immediate help you need.


One last thing, as you disciple others using the RDM resources, please drop us some testimonials. We are anxious to hear your stories of seeing people grow and become fruitful in the kingdom of God. We will pass them on and encourage others.


Thank you again!


For His Kingdom,
Randy L Ballard

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