The Next Great Movement

Right up front, let me tell you that I believe the next great movement in the church has arrived. I believe it is a discipleship movement. I think there are several reasons for it.

First and foremost, I believe that God Himself has ordained the movement for this time. God knows what’s ahead for the church and I believe that He always prepares His people for the next attack and battle. Discipleship is about learning how to put on the armor (or Word) of God. It’s also about learning the discipline of standing in the midst of the battle knowing that Christ goes before us. God is preparing His church to be a victorious church through the making of disciples like He did in the first century church.

Secondly, I believe we are living in times of incredible deception. The truth is scarce and doctrines of demons have crept into many of our churches. Many of today’s church attenders are believing lies from leaders who are disguised as cool, successful, possessing charismatic personalities. More than ever believers must be rooted in God’s Word to discern the deception that is so prevalent in our culture today.

Thirdly, I think there is a growing discontent especially among Millennials with the shallowness and superficialism of the church today. Many of today’s youth want something deeper than style, catchy phrases, and big numbers, dollars, and buildings…many are looking for a church that can offer them substance, experience, and relationship. Today’s Christian youth are facing a hostile world toward faith in general, especially Christianity. They need to know truth if they are to survive in today’s secular high school and college campuses or in the marketplace. They must be grounded and rooted in sound Biblical doctrine if they are to stand against the fierce attacks of the enemy in a post-Christian era.

Finally, I believe Christ is getting His Bride ready for His coming. He is coming back after a pure, undefiled, set apart, and healthy church. A church that is called “overcomers” in the book of Revelation. If we are to overcome, we must be Christ’s disciples. A shallow, moody, superficial church attender who is not internalizing the Word of God daily won’t have the strength to overcome the trials and tribulations of our time. Only those whose lives are built on Christ, the solid foundation, will stand in the end.

Go Make Disciples,

Pastor Randy