• My name is Jason Hatfield. I go to the New Beginning Church of God. It (the RD Level One) has really helped me to get closer to God. I am getting into the Bible even more now. I also am the media specialist. Thank you for preparing this.

    Jason Hatfield Portsmouth, Ohio
  • One of the greatest things you could do for the kingdom of God  is use the book series entitled "Relational Discipleship" written for the growth of the evangelical churches. This is a very good tool in the hands of the ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they can use to make the flock grow strong in the Lord. This book can really do the job that Jesus has asked us to do in Mathew 28:18-20 "...Go and Make disciples...." The RD series not only makes Christian Disciples but also teach them how to make disciples as well. This book is very addicting. Once you start to read it, you don't want to stop. At least this has been my experience while working on the translation from English to Creole, the native language of the Haitians. My prayer is for every minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be aware of this tool that is now available to them as they obey the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20

    Pastor Pierre Founder and Pastor of the New Testament Mission, La Croix, Haiti
  • As a Pastor, we always look forward to preaching to the masses, and sometimes overlook that we may be making a bigger impact on a few in a small group setting.  There is a great joy and a sense of fulfillment that I experience each week after leaving our Relational Discipleship class.  This small group of Believers are growing and are starting to even disciple others.  One of our men has even began a prison ministry, and our church is buying level one for the his group; this will be an ongoing ministry.  Finally, it is exciting to see the ones in our Relational Discipleship group smile and nudge the person beside them when I quote a scripture in service that we have memorized together.  They light up because they know the word.   

    Relational Discipleship is a great resource for any church looking to make disciples for Christ.

    Pastor Robert Sluder Ingalls, Indiana
  • From knowledge to obedience, and from separation to fruitfulness, in Relational Discipleship Pastor Randy Ballard focuses on the crucial element in discipleship making: Relationships! With Christ, spiritual leaders, family & friends, and to the world we are called to reach. RD Levels 1-4 provides the tools to help Christians become and make disciples of Jesus Christ!

    Jeffrey B. Robinson Administrative Bishop, Indiana Church of God State Office
  • All of the Relational Discipleship Levels have been so renewing, so refreshing, and have stirred my Spirit! I am so thankful to God that I have had the opportunity to go through the RD series.
    Teresa Almindinger
  • I have learned that when I get up every morning I must put on God's armor to protect my heart from the attacks of Satan.

    L.E. Casey Sr.
  • The Relational Discipleship series has helped me to understand that as a Christian there is to be no compromise. And that I also need to live Christian life so everyone will see Christ in me.

    Carolyn Meeks
  • It has been my joy to be a part of the Kings Point Church of God since 2003. During my thirty-five years of pastoral ministry in the United Methodist Church, I tried a variety of discipleship studies to help new Christians mature in their personal faith and ministries. The Relational Discipleship series is the most Biblically centered, challenging, and yet very relational disciple training opportunity I have seen. Four of the seven churches I served as a pastor were 100 members or less. The Relational Discipleship series can be used with both smaller and larger congregations. I can wholeheartedly endorse the Relational Discipleship series.

    Rev. David S. Dayton, Jr. Retired United Methodist Pastor
  • The RD series has made me want to study and learn God's Word more so that I can share the truth with others.

    Etta Calvert Kings Point Senior Adult
  • Before taking the Relational Discipleship series, I was not spending time in God's Word like I should. Since I have started RD, I have been blessed by my daily time in His Word.

    Megan Wagner 14 years old
  • I have enjoyed going through the program Relational Discipleship Level One.  It has been a great experience and look forward to doing it again with another group!!

    Rex Loyd Pastor, Hamilton, Ohio
  • I would recommend the Relational Discipleship Series to any church. I think Relational Discipleship Level 1 is one of the best guidelines to follow for New believers.

    Sam and Amanda Buckley Pastors, Mount Carmel Church of God
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