• Pastor Randy L. Ballard
    Pastor Randy L. Ballard Kings Point Church of God, Maineville, Ohio

God has called us as the church “to make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). We have found in 36 years of disciple-making in pastoral ministry everything else in church ministry follows out of discipleship.

We have written and published the Relational Discipleship series as well as other resources for the sole purpose of offering a tool to the body of Christ for making disciples. We believe that discipleship just doesn’t accidentally happen. It must be intentional. We believe it is a journey that not only involves gaining knowledge, but also mentoring – making yourself accountable to a discipler who will both lead and challenge you. We also believe that you should be planted in a church where believers have access to a discipleship culture.

Relational Discipleship involves all the above components: knowledge, mentoring, accountability, leadership, challenge, and in a short time as you deliberately initiate it and make RDS a priority you will see a discipleship culture flourish in your church. When this happens, you will have a greenhouse in your church producing leaders, teachers, missionaries, small group leaders, prayer intercessors, true worshippers, spiritually healthy marriages and families, givers, and believers who have a passion for lost souls.

As a pastor, I can tell you IT WORKS! You will see people get into the Word of God and see the Word of God get into them. You will see personal growth! You will see fruit! Seeing people grow and become fruitful is both fulfilling and rewarding and you will see that as your congregational members go through the Relational Discipleship series. The end result will be a church with a stronger foundation; a church that is not just fed from the pulpit once a week but believers who feed on God’s word themselves and put it to practice in their daily lives.

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